A Smart Construction Platform

DIM collects on site activities, analyses costs and forecasts financial variances, in real time.

What Is DIM?

DIM is a ML platform that provides cost and time insights of construction on-site works allowing real-time monitoring of execution and budget evolution.

Site works are collected via the mobile application.

Reports and analytics are provided via a dashboard.

Easy to Adopt

Never duplicate work. We save time for your team.

Easy to Adapt

Our solution allows you to enter data in any prepared form.

Appropriate for every Project

Our solution can be used at any time for every type of project.

Affordable and Accessible

Our solution works with Small, Medium and Enterprise companies

Tools That Help Your Company Grow

DIM equips your team with tools that help your company grow sustainably.

Detect deficiencies

Save cost & time by detecting deficiencies as they appear.

Earned vs Real Value

Monitor the earned value with real and validated numbers and ratios.

Increase productivity & execution quality

With instant feedback, potential problems can be detected before they happen, reducing redundant work.

Secure The Edge On Winning Bids

DIM helps your company secure the edge on winning bids with competitive prices and secured benefits by knowing the exact “real cost” of every activity performed on-site.

Optimize resources

Optimize resources as your team will be able to monitor productivity based on validated data.

Reduce operation life cycle

Reduce the operation life cycle and save your team time

Better traceability and accountability

Allow traceability and accountability as PMs will know exactly who did what and when.

Comprehensive Modern Interface

Just as you use an Excel sheet, yet powerful, modern and easy to use interface. We believe that it is about time the daily reports, benchmarking (BOQ), and analysis of the construction industry evolve.

Daily Report Data Collection

Collecting data on site is done through our intuitive mobile app. DIM mobile app walks the supervisor through the process in a step by step process with minimal knowledge for technology.

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